Looking for a video editor.

As stated above, I am looking for somebody who is a professional video editor to help with the production of my clans related videos, both montages and machinimas. 


Due to our recent departure of only video editor, we've been pretty much screwed on trying to get any clan related videos up. I can record, I just cant edit. My hardware that I use to record is my Hauppauge HD PVR, so that should be sufficient.


Anything related to Sony Vegas, or anything similar to that (even Photoshop) turns me into Forest Gump, for real. So any help in this area would be greatly appreciated, especially when we're pushing almost 400+ registered members on our website. We've also got a YouTube channel, with around 50-60 subs, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you want to help or whatnot, go ahead and reply here or send me a message on Xbox Live. I'd really appreciate it.


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Business..? Seriously? A BUSINESS? Do I sell services to you? No, I dont.

Or someone, commercializing their business & site, on the Xbox Forums...

Friendly guy for someone asking for help ; )

First, I only pay for the work that has been done, or work that I've agreed to, so unless you are offering work, show me YOUR work so I can see if its what I'm looking for.

Second, I don't want your opinion on MY website or MY member count, as that is not the purpose of this thread. I don't care if you don't 'see much' or not.

Third, what makes you think I haven't already ATTEMPTED that scenario first of asking my members? I'm pretty sure that they'd be the first people that I'd ask, wouldn't you?

How much would you pay, for the time taken..?? Because, I don't see much, with only 400 Members.. Maybe, get one of them to do it..

I dont think you quite understood what I was saying...

I'm looking for somebody who can edit videos... not the software itself. I know about the software, hence why I named it (minus Photoshop, of course).

I don't know what computer you have, or how much, you want to spend etc.. So it's best, to check the list Video Editing Software here;


You can be looking at a couple of thousand dollars, for Professional Editing Software...