Looking for a UK Domination clan on Black ops

Can anyone point me in the direction of any good domination clans? im a former headquarters player and have played with a lot of top clans in the past such as 5k1, d3vilz and more recently oo hq (hardcore hq team) over the past few months ive got into playing domination and wanting to join a good side. I am 26 and from the UK, i have a mic (but dont usually talk after about 11pm as the wife is asleep) i enjoy banter and play to win. My KD Ratio is ok currently at 2.07 so thats probably above average and i enjoying playing domination in public lobbys with a full party of 6. Its a simple game and easy to win when you have the right players that listen to simple instructions, in my opinion 1 player should cap the nearest flag (either A or C) while the other 5 players RUSH to flag B to get a quick cap, then its simple, DONT cap the other flag and hold the 2 flags you have. Thats my way of playing anyway folks, look forward to any replies. Cheers


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