Looking for a small clan/group.

Hello I'd very much like to join a small clan or group to play games like gears, halo, and CoD with.

I'm not too pick but  i have two request,  there must be a age limit (really can only  take so much of squickers.) and it has to be small. (big clans offten confuse and iritate me.)


So if anyone here knows or runs somthing like this then feel free to inform me about it! Arigato!


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hi mate my clan is called who dares wins there about 20 of us and the yongest is 20 and the oldest is 51..........yes 51 lol we play mostley cod blackops and mw2..ive just put the clan back together to get ready for mw3  but if you want to play with us just giz a shout and have a good laugh

Hey! im not exactly sure what game you're looking for, for a clan, but a few of my friends run/are a part of a clan called OhFaceGaming. They broke off from a large, dysfunctional clan, and formed their own. They're a Black Ops/MW2 clan, still small and manageable so i know that was something you were looking for :] There IS indeed an age requirement, so you wont have to worry about screaming little kids :D but if you're interested, message me on XBL and i can set you up with one of the Founders, or you can also go straight to their website and register [ohfacegaming.com], and go ahead and check things out and see if you like what you see! These are really great guys, so dont be shy! No matter what you decide tho, good luck!!


*I am a member of Black List Gaming. We are a group of dedicated individuals. We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and a provide a sense of “family” towards our community. We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.

We currently have 40 members.   Some of them use to play Halo but haven't recently.    On your list we mostly play Black Ops but I know a lot of the guys are talking about buying Gears 3 when it comes out since the beta was good.    

*The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be16 years old and be mature while they are playing.     If you have any questions message me.    If you register fill out an application and let them know that I referred you.  Thank you.


You may have already checked out Soldiers of Christ.  In case you haven't ours is a bigger clan (by your definition I guess), but consisting of several smaller branches (several PC branches as well as our Xbox group.)  Our Xbox branch is 80  or nigh 100 members strong -though not all equally active, but it still seems we get decent turnout for our event nights.  We play heavily Halo, tapering off a bit to CoD and Battlefield, and then variously in other games like Forza, Gears of War, Homefront, and other titles.


FYI, SoC is a Christian based clan, though it isn't Christians-only- you don't have to be a christian to join- and we have many.


We do not have a strict age limit, though we do abide by COPPA rules so that we require anyone under 13 to have parental permission before they apply.  We are kind of all over the map in terms of age.  Our Minecraft group tends to be our youngest average group,  from 12 to 30's.  Our Lord of the Rings Group is our oldest average- with members ranging 20's to 30's and some older.  Right in the midde is probably the Xbox group with late teens and 20's.


You can check out our website if this kind of group sounds at all interesting.  www.teamsoc.net  Also if you want more info or want to join some games with us, register and post an intro on our forums  (intro section)  You're welcome as well to read our intros and anything else that you can find.


And if we aren't what you'd like, sincerely hope for you the best of luck finding a group to connect and play with.  Cheers.

I made a "clan" called Chemistry and i'm trying to keep it relatively small right now. Mainly I want to get an entourage who game just for fun and for that stupid sponsership stuff. The set age limit is 15, so it'll be around an age group that doesn't argue as much and is in the latter part of puberty, and i'm also a fan of the Gears series and play it every so often (mainly campaign). So yeah, contact me (as that i'm the only person...forever alone) if you'd want to play sometime.

Hello, We are mature player from age 16-26 plus. I  from clan ETG as know as Extreme Tactical Gaming. I am the LeadRunner for the clan. We always could use new members. You all can visit and sign up if you want to become members at www.extremetacticalgaming.net

For any questions please feel free to talk to me if you like I am an most of the day and night.


Thanks and happy great gaming!

I recently made the chronic clan. But my members went there own ways. If your interested in joining my name iKi Ka6ii. I play Gears, CoD Black Ops, NFS Hot Pursuit, Splitsecond, etc.

Hey check out CallMeGamer.

Were a small group if gamers who will focus on games like Halo,Gears,and CallOfDuty.

We dont have an age limit but we try to recruit cool people.

Check us out at http://www.callmegamer.com

Hey, if you are still interested, you can come check out the Dropshock Brigade. Unfortunately, we only play Reach, not CoD. We have our own website and about 40 members, half of whom are Australian. If your interested, the website is dropshock.net . We are a semi-competitive clan, highly active, and are always looking for more members. I'm around if you have any questions.

Oh my.. Ambushgaming is intresting in all but umm, alittle to big for my taste sorry...

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