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Hey, I'm interested in role playing, and of course my attention is therefore drawn to GTA:IV.

I'm looking to join an established and organized clan that role plays. I would prefer one that's not SOLELY geared towards cops and crooks, but I'm not opposed to it if the offer is right. But I don't ask for much. I ask for exactly what I give. Fun, intelligence, imagination, hospitality, and most importantly, maturity. I'm 23, so I'm too old to be playing stupid drama games and I'm here to have fun and enjoy myself. If there's a clan out there that can offer me that, count me in.


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What you just described is what I'm looking for in a member. I currently run a GTA V-only clan but use GTA IV to recruit and train members. My clan is a mixture of police and roleplay. We have two sides: Cops and Civilians. Cops do what they normally do in any old police clan. The civilians, however, have a bit more freedom and are able to own a car, house, and even have a job (if they wish). I leave imagination up to the player; there are only a few rules I impose other than that, you are free to do and play how YOU please. I do not have a website right now, but one will be created when further info about GTA V comes in. My clan and I keep in touch through the CLAN GAMERTAG, which new members will be given once they go through basic training. Basic will take anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending upon the recruit and their rate of learning new knowledge. If you are interested, send me a FR and reply in a TEXT MSG that you wish to join my clan.

I was actually in your clan a while back. You perhaps remember me as vXv DOC vXv. I ended up leaving just because life was needing my attention, then tried to make my own but realized I hate being the head honcho of such operations. I'm actually good at website design (granted, it's freewebs, for what it's worth).

I didn't see you that much however, you can still join if you wish. I'm always looking for serious players and haven't seen what you can do yet.

Hey there guys.  I would like to direct your attention to the following thread titled Clan Recruitment and all clan talk and clan recruitment should be posted in this section here

Thanks! :) 

He is right, DOC; there is a dedicated clan recruitment topic under Clan Discussion. No big. To make everyone aware, DOc is an active member in my clan already.


@Luke, not trying to argue but I do find the Clan Discussion thread to be too overwhelming due to all the already established clans and BIG clans that post there. It makes it quite difficult for smaller clans to be recognized. Just my two cents. I have a topic on there that I've been watching and so far it's been quite overshadowed by the BIGGER and more broader clans. IMO, something should be done about that. Once again, my two cents.

I agree with you Legend