Looking for a respected and active Halo Reach clan

This is not my main account, the gamertag of my main account is youareson00b. I am currently looking for a mature, fun and skillful Halo Reach clan which does not only play custom game (like my previous clans). I go online every day at around 7pm GMT so I would prefer a British clan, however I wouldn't mind joining an American clan as long as we can meet at the weekends. 

Any post which uses half-hearted grammar will pretty much be ignored, a lazy post = a lazy person.


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Are You Ready?  Soldiers of Christ is looking for new people to meet, and help get involved.  Our membership is mostly in the US and Canada, but we have members from around the world, including a handful in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium.  Map Currently we are playing Halo Reach (mostly), Anniversary, Battlefield 3, MW3, Black Ops, Forza and a lot of other 360 games.   We also have several PC branches- Minecraft, LOTRO, Starcraft to name a few.  We have an active discussion forum as well as a Teamspeak server for regular conversations and meetings.


You don't have to be Christian to join, but we do have leadership and rules based in Christian principles, and weekly biblestudies if you are interested in attending.  You don't have to register on our forums to read them if you're interested, but if you want to post, or would like to join, it's pretty easy to apply.  Just register and find the global "Applicants: How to..." topic.  We do allow dual-clanning if you are already in another clan, or want to keep your options open.


Our Xbox group does have regular group events and a pretty big list of friends.  I doubt finding folks to play with onthe weekend would be a problem.  Here is Friday's event video:  

}SoC{ XBL Play-Together Night 11/18/11 Video

Anyways, if this sounds good, I look forward to seeing you at our website and forums.  WWW.TEAMSOC.NET and XBOX.TEAMSOC.NET




Lol, i dont know about them above me but honestly,im looking for a great member to get our branch on Halo Reach(F1RE) to really take off since we have been preoccupied with Black Ops, MW3,BF3, and MW2.

I'm not from England but i am from Australia if u are still into my clan we have a web site it is my first time being a clan leader i am good at the game but we do have a lot of clan battles with an clan that HAS PISSED me off just check out our web site or send me a message on line my gamer tag is ToxicXLocust  our web site is www.wix.com/toxicflare/2

send to one of them not on this much

Yea check us out for sure now, we have jus appointed a new Squad Leader and back on the right track.(Clickable  Link below in signature)