Looking for a *quite* joystick for fighting games.

I currently use one of the old Hori full size joysticks (the old one with the DOA4 art on it) for playing fighting games such as MK and SF4. I'm pretty happy with the controller with the exception for the amount of noise it makes. Moving the stick and pressing the buttons makes a very noticeable "click" noise which is loud enough to bother my wife and/or baby if they are sleeping while I am playing.

So I'm looking to replace it with another full size joystick which doesn't make the loud "clicks".

I want it to have a generic button layout so that I can use it with multiple fighting games, so the new MK one is probably not what I'm looking for.


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Er, should be "quiet" and not "quite".  I hate this new forum and the lack of an edit or delete feature.

I own the Hori EX2 and the Tournament Edition Street Fighter arcade stick. They're all about the same when it comes to making noise. Your best bet is to get a fightpad to play your fighting games on. Super quiet. www.gamestop.com/.../73048

The EX2 is the loudest stick ever made. You can never get fully away from it, but the Hori Real Arcade Pros are very solid sticks, minus the stigma of Madcatz's unreliability. I highly recommend the HRAP EX-SE, comes stock with a Siemetsu LS-32 stick, which (to me anyways) feels a lot less sloppy than the Sanwa's in the TEs.

Like said above the fightpad controllers are probably the best way to get away from the button noise. Pretty much all fightsticks (well all of the ones I've ever come across have the sharp button press noises) may sound lame but you may have to play your games in a completely different room :P