Looking for a professional group of gamers to play as a team

Hi all,

I'm looking for a professional and gentle group of players to play (but not limited to) Call of Duty games. The simple reason for this is that the game is basically unplayable without a team, and most of my friends on Xbox Live play the game for fun. Don't get me wrong, I do want to enjoy the game, but I just need to gear up with a couple of nice chaps to play with.

What I'm looking for are people that don't suck at the game, and have a score per minute of at least 300+. If you're at a low age, that's fine, but please act like an adult. I don't want people that rage after 1 match, and I don't like to play with people that use shotguns or LMG's, or that camp/stay in their spawn.

(The above requirements are most of the reasons why I hate playing this game alone =P). So, if you're willing to finally have some fun out of Black Ops 2, you're free to add me on Xbox Live: AsTr0sKiLlZ (Notice the 0 (zero) instead of an o)

See you on Live!



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LOL Score Per Minute means nothing.

Can't seem to edit the post. The website decided to get rid of my white lines. Oh well...

"...don't like to play with people that use shotguns or LMG's, or that camp/stay in their spawn..."

so basically, you want people to play the way "you" want them to play, with weapons of your choice and strategy's based on your gameplay style!!!

guess you might want to just keep playing with randoms. I bought the game and play it here at "my" house and when online I play the way I want to....

In short, I don't need a scrub telling me how to play...

good luck...

I want some pro group too.