looking for a new game, and suggestions??

i want a new game,  becasue the games i have, im getting a little boring of them in some ways, so does anyone have any suggestions?

i was maybe thinking of LA Noire? How is it? What about street fighter 4?

I want a game that i wont get bored of, and that has a good online, or just a good singleplayer that i wont get bored of, and maybe like an adventure ish type game? or a good shooter that i havent played, or a racer? or should i just wait until dead island? beacuse im deffinatley getting gears 3

so if you could help me out, that would be great.


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Always looking to help others with game suggestions. I've played many and most of them good to great. I've had GameFly for about a year now and I've gotten the chance to play all sorts of titles. Anyway, not to sound corny (probably is), but I have a list I've made of all my played games in order of favorites. Everytime i play an new game, I insert it into my list above or below what game or series I think it fits. So I'm going to check your played games list right now and post my top ten suggestions based off my list for ya. You've already played a lot I have (including my top 3), so my list won't necessarily reflect my top ten, but again, rather my top ten suggestions. Gimme sec... I'll try and be back before my edit times out.

adventure games: Fallout or Dragon Age. If you can wait, Skyrim comes out somewhat soon.


borderlands (shooter) is a lot of fun, very fun co-op.


LA Noire will take up a lot of you time, its fun but got a little old after awhile. Still an interesting game.


If you are looking for a game to take up some time, Id recommend the Fallout series, Oblivion, Mass Effect series, or LA Noire.

1.Dead Space series.

My top 3, honestly are the Rock Band, Fable and Mass Effect series, but I see you've played them already. Dead Space is up there imo as one of the top ten franchises of the 360. Best start with the first one.

2. Far Cry 2

I see you've sampled it already, but barely gotten past the beginning credits.  Maybe a rental from before? The game turns a lot of close-minded players off because it isn't the shooter they wanted it to be. But it is actually one of the best sandbox games I've played. Can't wait for FC3.

3. Bioshock series.

Awesome game, awesome atmosphere. A FPS series with magic (Plasmids), a creepy horror feel and a loot system. Again, best start with the first one.

4. Burnout Paradise

This was the game that got me into today's modern racer. I just needed a little something "extra" to launch me into the genre compared to all the boring sim racers out there. Graphics a bit dated, but is still the best free-roam racer out there. All hail the Criterion team.

5. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Another racing game suggestion, but honestly stands its own compared all the others imo. An awesome, Mario Kart -style successor for the 360 if you like the kart-racing genre. It isn't for everyone though.

6. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Again, see you've tasted it, maybe a rental, but it has a great single-player campaign with a lot of replay value. Arkham City is just around the corner too. A "Metroidvania" game for anyone who doesn't know.

7. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

These games are great. The original was a blast and one of the most pleasant surprises I've had. Rareware's only decent title on the 360 imo. It is a overworld simulation game of sorts (like Civ Rev and the like), but on a lot smaller scale and more hands-on, giving it a more of an action/adventure feel... The two games are virtually identical, but Trouble in Paradise is just a bit more polished and with a ton of extra features included.

8. Darksiders

One of the best sleeper hits of last year. A Zelda -esque game with a little more emphasis on combat. Will feel like a God of War clone at first, but it is a Zelda -style action/adventure title through and through. And might I add, the only Zelda -esque title worth its salt. Can't wait for the sequel.

9. Prey

Portal wasn't that unique. It was already done first with this game. But not a puzzle game, Prey is an awesome shooter with a unique feel and story. Again, can't wait for the sequel.

10. Dante's Inferno

Another great game. God of War -style gameplay, loosely based off the Divine Comedy. Lots off blood/gore and unnecessary boobs-a-giglin'.

And one more suggestion, might I say have just a bit more follow-through. You're Achievement completion percentage is only 8%. It isn't all about achievements, and I wouldn't suggest playing a game you're not interested in. But maybe your boredom has a lot to do with a short attention span?

If you don't mind paying full price, Deus Ex is a spectacular game. One of the few single player only games that I felt was 60$ well spent. The story and gameplay both are incredible.


If you're looking for some good cheap titles I would back Isturbo on Dead Space, THE best horror/survival games on Xbox bar none with very good graphics and storyline. If you can't play scary games (the first one will scare the sh*t out of you) you should pass lol.


BioShock is another great title you can get for cheap with a lot of DLC available for it.

alright, thanks guys, i might look into dead space and/or LA Noire, or i might just wait until dead island

But thanks for the help :)

I agree with the Dead Space recommendation. I personally will never EVER play deadspace 2 because the first one scared my balls off. If youre into horror games, you will love it.


There is Dues Ex Human Revolution out now and Dead Island will be coming out soon.

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If your not wanting to spend to much but get a really good game, I would try Assassin's Creed 2.  AC1 is alittle boring at the first.  Once you get going in AC1 its a pretty good play.  You should be able to pick it up pretty cheap cause Assassins Creed Rev is coming out pretty soon.

Star Wars Battlefront 2. You will never bore.

I also would back up isturbo and FEAR and say you should check out Dead Space and Bioshock. I have the first Dead Space and first Bioshock 100% and played them both 3 times. Now for some that might not say alot, but for me personally, I don't really ever go back and play a game once I'm done unless I feel it's a fantastic game and a rare gem. Also, I just started Alan Wake a few nights ago, and while I've heard mixed opinions from people about it, I am LOVING everything about it so far and would say that the games atmosphere and environments are on par/if not better then DS and Bio. Really creepy/eerie. Check it out.