Looking for a MW2 Clan

Looking to join a MW2 clan. I don't want to change my GT to join a clan though. If I have too, I might just change my GT on my extra account.


Uh, message my GT: HurricaneTango with what I have to do.


Stats -

Fifth Prestige

LVL 70

Current Classes -


P90 Holographic Sight

Marathon Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Ninja Pro

Ranger Akimbo



UMP 45 Silenced

Marathon Pro

Lightweight Pro

Ninja Pro

Spaz-12 Grip



Tar-21 Silencer and Heartbeat Sensor


Stopping Power Pro

Ninja Pro

Ranger Akimbo



Intervention FMJ

Slight of Hand Pro

Hardline Pro

Commando Pro



I don't usually trick-shoot or quickscope



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Hi man, My Clan are a Mw2 and BOPs clan. We try focusing more on Mw2, a Name Change is needed. We have 10 or 11 members and all first 15 or 16 clan members get a free T-shirt with TcS x ? On it.

We do Gamebattles and andplay alot online. We are an active clan.

Do you mind if I use an Alt Account for a name change?

If not, I'll probably do a name change, then make a new account with this GT XD

Will you be playing with your Alt Account

Yes I will

Yeah then go ahead I will be on Xbox in a few minutes.

Friend me on this account. Those classes are for this account. My XBox is on, but I'm not near it at the moment.

Hey HurricaneTango. I think the Razor Clan might have what you're looking for. The Razor clan has weekly meetings, weekly trainings, monthly tournaments, and more! Within hours of it's being made, there are already 7 members! Our most popular played games are Call of Duty games (most popular: Black Ops and COD Modern Warfare), Assasins Creed Games, and Halo Games. We accept everybody into our clan and are always friendly and kind. Contact the leader and creator of the clan, WolfKing9677 or let me know by comment or PM if you are interested!

For more info, visit http://razorclan.weebly.com/! A fast look would be great.

Thanks and good luck! Hope we helped and you consider us!