Looking For A Madden Trainer/Coach

Im looking for someone that will help spice up my skills in Madden. Ive been playing madden since the PS1 days. I havnt bought madden since 2005 cause it just seemed the same, this year is different and im sure everyone knows that. Message me so we can discuss. [Mod Removed]


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Practice mode and play online and offline. Learn from experience. If something your doing isn't working, do something different until you find what works. Or just search youtube. I imagine is plenty of info on there. Best of all, everything I mentioned is free.

Play on rookie and work your way up in difficulty.  Learn a teams style/playbook and stick with it.

Charm, I am in the same boat as you. As much as I feel like a gimp doing it, I'm playing on Rookie. It helps with mastering the button basics (especially against the run), practicing plays, and getting a feel for your team players in general.

I also bought the Prima guide, which actually did help me with theory, but execution is a different story!

The best advice I can give you guys is to avoid playing on ROOKIE... put it to All Pro (not All Madden) you'll pick up things quicker then you'll realize with alot of pressure on your behind and before you know it you'll be pretty decent at playing the game... I also recommend going into practice mode and putting both the offense and defense to random and play through that as a warmup before going into a game... you can highlight what play it is at the line with the left trigger and it'll help you learn to use audibles as well... Play with friends also to learn other things offensively and defensively you might not have picked up on in practice mode or in random games... Feel free to send me a message if you wanna get a scrimmage in and I'll gladly show you a few tips that'll speed up your learning curve...