Looking for a low level Infinity pistol...

I'm looking for a low level Infinty pistol. I have level 50 ones but I would like a low level one for my other characters that aren't a level 50 yet. I don't care what element it is or if it's normal. Can anybody out there dupe one for me or I can even trade...


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I have a level 50 caustic. You can't have it.

I also have a level 50 caustic Infinity and don't need yours, maybe you should pay more attention to when reading a post.

Or maybe you should go to the item trading post stickied at the top of the forum.

i have a lvl 40

that guy does the same post over and over again,best to ignore him

if you have a couple lvl 50 any way i could get a dupe? been farming forever with no luck..


I gotta few lvl 1s, I got a lvl 10, lvl 15 electric, lvl 32 fire, lvl 38 caustic.

I have Infinity Pistols at lvl's 8, 9, 30, 43 fire & about 8 lvl 50's. Just msg me with what you want & I'll help you out.

Can i have the 32 fire or 38 caustic? I can give you a legendary weapon in return if u want