looking for a kind person.

I just started the game over and was wondering if there was a kind soul who would gift me gold/weapons.

I am willing to give any items from my previous play through if I am able to access it. (Not sure if that is an option).  I am not sure what exactly is in the previous play through as it was from shortly after launch.

I don’t really expect much response to this but figured I would try.

GT: Goramit

If you decide to help please send me a message with when and where to meet (keep in mind I am early on in my game).


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I also would like to add the weapons I have on the other acct:

The Barnumificator

Guskets Musket

The Bonemasher

The Bloodstone Bludgeon

And upgraded hero weapons.

and several different suits.

i can gift gold if u still need it :)

ha ha thank you. I managed to get a 600,000 gift from a random stranger. I have since completed the game and randomly go around gifting gold to newer players in Brightwall.

Now I am working on the weapons achievement. I will probably create a thread later detailing what I need and what I have available. (Or I wll just post here).

If you enter another hero's world, can you go into the shops in their world and buy weapons you do not have? Or are you not allowed to buy from another hero's world?

Yeah you can buy their weapons, but only some are purchasable, the rest must be found.

If you are stuck you can obtain all of the keys to open the chest at your castle, you can the make new accounts and have your 50 key person open the chest right at the start of the game and hope you don't have the new weapon. Then do it again etc.