Looking for a great community

I am looking for a great community of gamers! Not limited to FPS clans or overall competitive in nature. Just looking for a group of people that enjoy everything about gaming. Getting together for Game nights or just discussing intelligently gaming in general. 


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We are always recruiting. What's your K/D though, we are rather strict about that?

Epic Legend, it looks like he's not looking to join a clan...

Anyway, Dubanat0r... you can join Ampd Up Gaming. There are lots of clans there or free agents. I'm sure you can find a bunch of people to game with from their website. They talk about lots of other games as well. And I do believe they have a community game night. Hope that helped.

Soldiers of Christ might be in the neighborhood of your wants- even if you aren't looking for a "clan."  Feel free to check us out.

Our community is thriving, and not just on games.  We've got active forums and teamspeak, branches and mini-communities in several types of games including Minecraft, LOTRO, and Runescape, TF2, and more.  We have weekly biblestudies and discussion debate areas if you like.

We aren't a perfect clan, but we offer freedom, opportunity and welcome.

Heavenz Rejects International is a free belief of religion, politics, ideas, etc gaming community. We are currently on Halo Reach and plan to soon branch out into some of the new games that are coming out later this year. We also have a Minecraft server and have members who play Runescape. We host tournaments (with prizes) and daily events.

If you'd like to know more, message me or you can check out our website: Heavenz Rejects International

The Rat Pack is a newly formed community and any new members would be great. We are a casual gaming group with no strict  KDR expectations and all around we're welcoming to new members. If you're interested feel free to check us out at www.ratpackgaming.com and be sure to say that jlc sent you.

why dont you head over to rogclan.com we are a halo,blackops,and assasins creed clan, we host gaming night at least twice a week and are very friendlyif you would like to join send me a message at the website listed and i will tell you how to join  our clan

Fithwallgaming.co.uk is a gaming community, play a lot of the usual games but also have regular community nights with different games Forza, TF2 + more. Why not head over sign up and suggest a few games nights?