Looking for a Great Community!

I have recently ended my 5 year addiction with World of Warcraft and have decided to start playing xbox much more often.  I am looking for a great community thats less millitary structured then what's out there now. I am looking for teammates not superiors that instead of boasting about their K/D ratio their on D guarding a flag.   I am looking to win but not at the sake of growing frustraited  and arguing with people on the same team as i am. I also am looking for an all around group who play many diffrent games and love gaming in general. Looking for a  community of 20 year old + players. A well balanced female to male ratio is also a plus. 


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Add me as a friend :)

I am still looking for a Clan to be apart of i am currently Playing Black ops , Forza 3 , and  Oblivion

Two places I can think of to start or at least take a look around at geezergamers.com and lousyatgaming.com.

They are not exactly "clans" more like gaming groups...but I do believe they play alot of Black Ops and probably Forza 3.

Are you saying om old and terrible? :)

lol I like it.  Anyways, I believe I already contacted you but if you are still looking for a clan check out my clan Revolution of Gaming at www.rogclan.com

I'm a new xboxlive member and I'm also looking for a group. Gears of war and FIFA 11 to be specific. Someone please add me tonight TUesday July 7th. I will be online from 7pm onwards

If you play Black Ops, MW2, or plan on buying MW3, check my post.