Looking for a GoW clan

Hey im still a lil new to the multiplayer of gears but im decent n tryin to get better everyday, im lookin for a cool clan with radical players who love to bash heads and have fun dat can also help me get better so if ur recruiting let me know


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FXN (The Faction) are a multi-gaming organization who are bound by brotherhood, friendship and play on both the regular casual games and are now breaking into the hardcore competitive leagues on the Xbox 360.

We have many skilled members who stick aim to decimate and humiliate the competition each and every match.

No matter the game we play, we become the best we can be at it: The fact is if you play with any of us you will see what we can do - take the top three spots on the scoreboards on each of our signature games. We are The Faction: No cheating; No Boosting - Pure Skill only... The Faction Way.

We are looking to recruit for our 1st Company, our Main competition division. We have just a few requirements and some exceptions can be made.

Current Games we play:

Halo Reach (Soon to be Halo Anniversary); Gears of War 2 (soon to be Gears of War 3); GRAW2 (Recent addition to our list); Battlefield: BC2 (Soon to be Battlefield 3)


-Be 18 years of age or older*

-Have and use an Xbox360 mic when playing multiplayer games (exceptions can be made)

-Check our forums AT LEAST twice a week

-Have a no holds barred, no prisoners attitude to hardcore gameplay, and be prepared to take it to the competition

-Be a team player (Lone Wolf is fine, but have a sense of team play and a supportive mindset)

-Have not been banned previously from XBox LIVE

-Be fun to play with and have a fun attittude: First and foremost have fun with our members.

*Age waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis. If you are under 18 and still wish to apply, it is better to put your real age and talk with the Recruiting General (FXN SpecOps) to determine if you are eligible for a waiver or not. The committee's decision on all waivers is final.

if you wish to game with us before you commit:

Sign up on the site and leave a message or send a Friend Request to either -

FXN Smoke; FXN Shadow; FXN Symbiote

Please note that FXN full membership (becoming a full member of The Faction) is a strictly INVITE ONLY outfit: By committing yourself as an applicant and registering on our forums/sending our leadership an FR, you are NOT automatically a member of the Faction. The Faction must be right for you, but YOU must also be right for us.

After a trial period of gaming with us in FXN parties you will either be officially invited to join, or informed that you have been unsuccessful.

If unsuccessful, we still encourage you to play with us and frequent our forums, as playing more often with us may well see an invite in the future. Again, all decisions are final.

Uncle FXN Smoke wants you!

My contact info is:

Email: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Xbox 360 tag:FGC Col Rivera(Soon to be FXN SpecOps - use this GT if you are told the former no longer exists)

We hope you check out our website @ thefaction.freeforums.org

See you on the battlefield!

my clan play it all the time you im gonna go ahead and send you fr so will help you and get ya better must of us are high ranks by playign and teaching each other skill to win and get better i know we are what your looking for base on what you have ask