looking for a game

 im looking for a game on Xbox or PC that has a Sims/Fable/Skyrim/Zelda feel to it.

a game where i can run around hacking and slashing monsters, go to a town and effect it with my actions, do things like rob places, marry and have kids, kill civilians and town guards and over all just have any level of fun with it.

does any one know of any games that have anything along that line?


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Borderlands is something you may be interested in, and according to the last sentence maybe Grand Theft Auto

Obviously you're a newbie and all, but take it easy.

Just wondering, but why marry & have kids in a game?

Some of us have enough of that in real life.

And as for killing civilians!!!!!!!

Kingdoms of Amalur, The Witcher 2 and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen are quite similar to Fable/Skyrim.

Yeah, Kingdoms of Amalur has the same FEEL as Zelda and Fable. You can't marry people and have kids but you can rob, kill, and pillage.