Looking for a fellow achievement hunter/ Co-op buddy! (360)

Hey! If anyone is interested in getting achievements for  Halo 4, Halo: Anniversary, Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 5, Gears 1/2/3, Splinter Cell: Conviction or want a co-op buddy to run through these games feel free to send a friend request to SPECTRE GOLD. I'd be more than happy to help you get achievements, and wouldn't mind some help myself. Cheers guys!


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You can add me if you want. I'm not the one to add others :3

I'll play Halo 4/Anniversary, I have 1000/1000 in Halo CEA so I'll gladly help you. Have you downloaded Gears Judgment? Because we could try for achievements in that game too.

Check out www.trueachievements.com and sessions. If you don't find a session you can create one for whatever you want just for fun or co op.