Looking for a crew or people to play with

I'm sure no matter which way I write this it will sound like an ad in the personals section - but, I'm 29, on the East Coast of the USA, looking for a crew to join or in general people who enjoy playing GTA 5.

Currently only level 11, but looking for players who play fair, want to do some missions etc.

It's mostly weekend mornings/ lunchtimes (East Coast time) that I'm online.

Gamer Tag is: Sammy Valencia

Feel free to hit me up on XBL!


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ill play with you, I mostly play on the weekends too, and I can help you do missions to level up and get money and stuff like that

PWBC would love to check you out but we only play late at night.

Thanks for the replies; got a couple of requests and am levelling up nicely.

@BAD 2020 - only at night on weekends? OR Night Weekdays?

Sammy Valencia

Weekdays we play around 10-11pm eastern time zone. Its a come if you want and leave when you want. On Fridays we start at 1am est which is technically Sat morning 1am. Friday is our big event night. Every other Saturday we do 10pm est. I can guarantee that I can level you up faster than any other crew. Just took a guy recently from 8 to 100 in less than a month. Let me know if this is to late for you.

hey Sammy, I see you online sometimes, you should join me when im on, i freeroam for about 5 10 minutes just to get my driving warm up in, then its non stop missions, you join me in a party, and i can send a invite faster to you. i had like 2gs after the new cars came, now i got over 2 million and growing just because i find the missions fun to do even if i do them 100 times. telling you, you should jump in. my wife is over level 90 now and shes a way better player than i thought she would be, and she has well over 4 million. need money, rank, jump in wit me

We seem to be battling with new members this could be fun Zone. I can name that tune in 5 notes. LOL. If you want money or levels I can sky rocket a player up in levels or stuff your pockets with cash. I currently have 8 and a half million from using my money system and im a level 280 from just helping people,  playing the game, and enjoying the game.


tisk tisk

I work most of the day for 8 hours, but once I get on, its none stop missions back to back. most my friends on my friends list already know im the guy to come to when you wanna make money. it just doesn't stop. I may not have as much money as you have bad, and I may not be at level 280, but im over 180 and I have over 2 million heading to 3 million. Im sure if I wasn't working so much and didn't have kids, I would be equal to or above you by now.

Sammy,I could help you rank up and give you higher level weapons that I barely use.I am in a Clan called TOXB and we're still recruiting just go to our website(www.toxbclan.com) to apply.Ok?Breath Easy now everyone,Peace.

Sammy join my crew we got 188 members and we do lots of fun stuff. our crew LOS S4NTOS G4NG

sorry Sammy, I have reached my goal for money in gta

maybe when I reset my goal ill let you know

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