Looking for a crew in GTA 5 online

Hey guys I'm looking for a new crew to hang with on GTA online cause its not really fun when there is only you #loner Anyway people who are 14-16 and are new to the game and don't already have a crew is who I'd prefer. But you don't have to be that new. But I don't want to join any crews I want to form a new one. So yeah.

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Have to be from AUSTRALIA

Its hard finding players these days. Just spam your name everywhere. One great place to look is Facebook. There is a GTA5 page with some really great people. I will see if I can put a link up for you. I found several people for my crew there. Sorry cant find a link look up GTAV XBOX 360 Edition on facebook.

Ok thanks ill look it up

You're more than welcome to join my crew! just started and I plan of focusing on being stealthy robbers who MAKE MILLIONS. join here: socialclub.rockstargames.com/.../unidentifiable

Where are you gonna rob? liquor stores? Good luck on that millions.LOL

I had fun a while back robbing liquor stores with helicopters.  But gets boring fast.