LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im looking for a fun and creative community and i want the website to be as fun as xbox live it is possible i used to be in one but the community got disbanned so if your in one or you know of one plz hmu


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here is one it just started out  http://ironarena.com/index.php

this looks more like a gamebattles type thing

well this is our clan site,   www.circleix.com  

as for a community site. I will suggest         www.xbox360forum.com

try www.gamerszoo.com its fairly new but looking to expand with more members etc

NEW !! www.battlefield360.co.uk mature gaming community. All game tittles covered with team gaming, leagues, monthly competitions with prizes---- 100% (FGP) Female Gaming Promoter. 25+ Fun friendly people gaming the way i should be!!! If there are any  other communities that are interested in league gaming contact us for more info.

I know a couple of community sites:

1) knightsofmurdoc.enjin.com

2) axsgaming.com - This one is ran by an ex-Marine who is currently a contracter over in Afghanistan so he isn't on often but there is a great team of people here as well. He also has the site up for all the soldiers who have been killed in battle as well. Feel free to check it out. They also livestream at 6pm Centeral on Mon-Wed-Fri.

Stream to that is twitch.tv/axs_octane.

Check them out.

www.xbox360forum.com is a good site to talk to people on :)