looking for a cod ghosts clan (360)

looking for a pretty good clan too join no ranking structures sorry doesnt work for me

must be very active and must be 18+  

I am looking to take this game pretty serious 

must live in the midwest or east coast

GT semi3028


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We have guys on the east coast. Mostly NY and Florida. We do have a rank structure but it's more for administrative purposes no ones going to talk down to you or anything. We're ranked number 1 on the Clan War list right now.


You should join the League of Gamers. We are mostly in the East and Midwest. We have community events and giveaways. We also have events that you can earn rewards. www.the-log.tk

Gr0undZ3r0 has a small group of players who play daily.  We are looking for a new member to join us who just wants to play and have fun!  We are currently in the Gold division with only having 8 members.

Hey everybody, i am also looking for a clan. I want to play some clan wars but the clan I'm currently in doesn't have enough players online at one time to be able to play. Also if you are wondering I live on the west coast of Canada.

We are a mature older clan called The Hooligans.. We started primarily as a Hardcore only clan but play Core now also due to the Clan Wars.. We won our last clan war in the Gold Division and are looking for older more mature players who come in with others as most of us come in with friends and coworkers..

We don't have a rank structure or anything like that.. We enjoy playing together and playing the clan wars also..  We live in different areas of the country, we have members on the east coast, down south and central us.. We also have a few members from outside the US.

Right now we have 16 members, we don't worry about KD or time playing etc as we work, have jobs, wives, kids etc that come first.

If your interested hit me up on xbox gamertag TitusEpic and we can set you and your buddies up to join!  No tryout or anything just gotta give me the username and I'll send out the requests on the app!

Look fwd to seeing you guys online!