looking for a club

hi folks.

Im looking to join a club to make the racing more fun i am level 70 in game and want to make the online racing more interesting so looking for a club to join and im guessing that it would be first invite wins as ill accept it lol or perhaps sending me a pm here or on box live would work too


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My car club (RE, Racing Enthusiasts) focus on clean driving.  It's a blast since we all race clean, it makes online ALOT better.

We have a wide variety of skill levels, I wanted to give those that are starting out in the game a chance to race without feeling like they are playing Carmageddon.  

that sounds good to me i do try to drive cleanly with the odd "racing incident" creeping in now and then.

id love to jump in and spin wheels with you if you wanna send an invite

Yeah that sounds cool, can I join your car club.  Just wondering though, does your club drag race any?

Our club mostly does circuit racing but I think you'll find a lot of people like to branch out into drag racing and drifting... :)

hey send invite ready to race

Love having you as the leader Khrono. We have like 70 people now. We need to race that other team again this week, I had lots of fun.

That was alot of fun!  Just wish we had one more person on our team at that time. :P  We were actually doing pretty well I think!  

I'll be on later today, I'll have to see if that one guy I added is on.

I have been looking for a club i am lvl 69. I am not the best driver and can't compete with the hardcore drivers just yet. can you please send me an invite as I will add you and try to ask you on live today to give you a fast response time. Thanks Justin