Hello people, my GT is LSFC iiNSaNiiTY and I enjoy gaming. I mostly play Gears of War 3 or Modern Warfare 3 and occasionally Skyrim, and I am definitely above average on both GoW3 and MW3. I am a competitive player as well as a tryhard but I have my off days. For myself I look in a clan that has stability and know what they are doing. I also do GB and wouldn't mind doing underground or clan battles too. So if anybody does decide to read this, hit me up.

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Your are welcome to try out for Team ICEE. Message me for more info, or visit our website: www.icee360tactical.com


Here is the Trailer for Team ICEE: Team ICEE Trailer


We look forward to hearing from you.

Clan site: TheKnownOutlaws.com

Twitter: @theknownoutlaw

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/

Have questions feel free to ask!

We are a mature gaming clan, we have competitive and non competitive gamers on BF3, MW3, GOW3, and Reach. Hope to game with you soon!

Questions ask:

KO Tatsuke300 or KO XxRaistxX

What do we offer?




-none competitive gamers

-We do have a few Australia gamers as well

-Members lead the clan, Leaders provide

-Fun atmosphere

-Mature gamers

-16+ of age clan

-40+ Gamers

-XBOX & PS3 clan

-Awesome Artists

We are a very active clan. There is always something going on either in gaming, or on our forums.


Revolution of Gaming is recruiting for Modern Warfare 3. RoG was created in 2008 and has been growing ever since. We are currently 4000+ members strong and growing. We have two types of members, members that participate in the rank structure and members who are gamers that do not wish to participate in the rank structure but just plays to get the RoG name out there. We don't just stop at gaming. We have a GFX team for you Photoshop users, a Media team for Machinima, a News team to keep you up to date on all of the latest happenings game related and not, and a Podcast team so you won't miss a thing that happens on the site. We also take part in gamebattles if that is your type of thing. A headset is required and you don't need to be a Call of Duty god to join, we play for fun and like to have a good time, just some laid back gamers. If you are interested please visit www.revolutionofgaming.com/.../forum.php and apply to join. Thank you.

You sound perfect for a couple squads here in KSI United. We offer a Gears of War squad and a MW3 squad you might be interested in. KSI United has been around since Halo 3 (Longer then that if you count before our split from Global) and are a generally fun,mature gaming community. If you are still interested or are still looking for a clan, please sign up here www.360chatter.com and fill out an application here www.360chatter.com/index.php. We are very accepting of all players of all skill levels. Come hang,play some games and have fun! Even if you are not interested after playing some games with us if you choose to,I hope you the best of luck in finding a clan to join.