looking for a CLAN!

I am looking for a clan to play with, i play mostly kill confirmed, domination, headquarters. I use the pp90 and i play just about everyday. Every time i get on MW3 & play i always get put up against teams so id like to actually be apart of the team thats raping everyone. i do have a mic and can virtually play whenever so just let me know.


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id like to actually be apart of the team thats raping everyone.


here ya go..this team is the best i hear

LOL dude that is so bad yet soo hilarious.

+1 to you. Heh.


Anyway... you seem DECENT, but I don't think you'd really fit with us. Seems you play a TON of Headquarters, but we play a decent variety of Domination, TDM, S&D, and CtF for the most part.

im also a girl btw. i play more domination, i use to play with my roommate and his friends but he moved out so i stopped playing with him & his friends. Just wanting to actually legit play MW3

If you're a girl you should have no problem finding a bunch of ravenous, horny 48-year-olds to play with. lol.

That's just gross, I just prefer to play with people

Who I know will do good. Instead it's like russian roulette.

I don't know, you could play with me and my friends if you want ... we have pretty high win/loss ratios. (I have a 4 or something like that.) How old are you though?

I'm 19yrs old, I'm from Florida.

Same time zone, and not like. 12. So. That's good. I guess I'll send a friend request. Is your gamertag SluggardFive01?

It use to be I changed it to deadlysphynx