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Okay, I come to you today from boredom. I am only 13 year's of age, almost 14. If you're looking for a mature, active player, I am the one you want. I am really good at Call of Duty, some what Halo, and a ton of other's. I mostly am looking for a Trickshotting Clan. A Competitive Sniping or a Competitive Clan is what I really want... Believe me, I am pretty good. My KD sucks in BO because I got hacked and they kept killing "myself." Please, if you want someone good and mature, add a message below. I will look into your clan and see if it is worth it...


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hey check out snipers legion we are a competitive clan we regularly host private matches in whith we perform trickshots/quickscope/no scope matches so feel free to check us out our website is www.thesniperslegion.enjin.com

we look forward to you joining us


Before I even get start... Please, tell me that we have dedicated names... Like... Dare, Faze, Optic, DarKSide, etc... If not, nah, I am good. But if you do, let me see some video's, please?

We're KREW, Killing Reduces Enemies of the World, we're are not a quick scope, trick shot clan, but we are competitive, we just started up a website, hopefully get a domain  soon, but that will be later.  We will not dissappoint b/c we play mainly on COD games. MW2, black ops, cod4.  so yea hit me up, check out our site its new but it pretty ok.

also a enjin site


Hey, Check Us Out  Http://CallMeGamer.com

Were starting up competitive and were looking for new active members.

Check out RoG at www.revolutionofgaming.net, we have an awesome design team that you could join since it looks like your into sigs. We have brigades for black ops, mw2, reach, and acb.