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I am Tyndall92. I am 20 years old and I am currently play Halo or Call of Duty, I just want a place that has fun and have people to play with. So if you have anything let me know.


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XOGC is just the place for you. Members in our community range from the age of 13 to 47. We play Call of Duty Black Ops 2,  GTA IV TBOGT, NASCAR The Game Inside the Lines, and maybe will be starting a Forza Horizon division. We offer awards and prizes. We host tournaments and other fun events. Join today at www.xogcgaming.enjin.com. You won't regret joining us.


great group of peeps.

I am recruiting for my clan Team Forerunner. We are a recreational and sometimes competitive halo clan that doesn't only care about winning. We have superb teamwork and we all have mics to communicate to each other. We have ranks of all kinds (ranging from SR 1 to 130) and we are all very talented players. Send me a message over Xbox Live if you are interested in joining! Message these Gt's if you are interested in joining! : Jakeylakes , Crazed so , LaVolpeRiyo117

hello bud, we at igc are always looking for new members, to join in with us on cod, we are a clan, but we are a group of people who get together and have a laugh after being at work all day , its what its all about :)

we do insist on members being over 18 though, as you are :) just add me on live mate if you are interested, we will get you in a few games , we do play hardcore modes though mate, there is a certain amount of team killing that goes on lol nothing major but the odd one now and again always raises a laugh and a bit of banter :)

plus we do enter hardcore search leagues,so we do have a bit of everything for everyone :)


casual gamer's family oriented @ Killerselite.enjin.com

Check us out a Midland Base.com when you get the chance. We're a friendly group with things going on all the time.

If you are still interested please join TB Hunterz on COD ELITE :)

If you would like to join a clan/community check us out at http://teamshake.org [teamshake.org]

We are a very active clan/community, and we support many games, ( BATTLEFIELD 3, MODERN WARFARE 3, BLACK OPS 2, HALO 4, ASSASSINS CREED 3, FORZA 4 AND HORIZON, and GEARS OF WAR 3).

We are looking for anyone who is interested in having a good time and playing to have fun and playing to win. We are strongly against disrespectful and any immature gamers and are non skill based. Anyone is welcome as long as they are least 15 or has a mature attitude. We have over 100 members of different races both male and female from around the world.

We are very female gamer friendly (i.e. no sexual harassing or trying to date online). Anyone interested check us out.

We are recognized by Clan Nation (http://www.clannation.org) as their "CLAN OF THE WEEK" getting an overall rating of 9/10, The Central Outpost ( www.centraloutpost.com/clans_verify.php ) as a legit gaming clan/community, as well as TOP 100 CLANS ( www.top100clans.com/index.php ) .

We have been an established clan/community on Xbox live since 2008.

Here is the link to our Call of Duty Elite clan page elite.callofduty.com/.../342371

Here is a link to our Battlefield 3 platoon battlelog.battlefield.com/.../2832655391746954957

Here is a link to our video section on our website


We also maintain an active server on Battlefield 3 at all times

Hello im the leader of The Sith Academy Clan , we are a new halo clan and soon to be  call of duty and swtor. Our age requirements are 16+ mics recommended. We have a clan website and facebook page . To access our website please type it in your address bar thesithacademy.webs.com , and heres a link to our facebook page www.facebook.com/TheSithAcademyClanPage for more info you can always contact me ill be willing to help out . If you would like to join please fill out the application at our clan website, I also have my youtube channel that im uploading a site preview and a site how to apply tutorial feel free to watch here [View:http://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessGothKitana] . You can also follow me on twitter for quicker responses @OverlordKitana. I hope that we can get more people to form this sith empire and rule the galaxy . May the force be with you...


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