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Hey guys um I need a new clan and want to get some ideas on here what I need is either a zombies clan or a mw3 sector of a clan because I'm sick of BO2's multiplayer but I will take BO2 sector offers if they are reasonable no competitive clans I'm casual and if you want to hear my zombies stats for those zombies clans out there For big communities like KSI and such I am not interested unless you give me a good reason to join Zombies stats for zombies clans Kino Der Toten:35 Five:19(never was into it) Ascension: 30(got bored) COTD:25(4 players online) Shangri la: n/a( don't have) Moon: 19(i want to do the Easter egg just don't have anyone to do it with) If u want to know my classic map stats ill tell u in a message Tranzit: 35 solo no Easter egg I just haven't gotten around to it) Town:20 Farm: does this even matter Nuke town and die rise : n/a don't have cause I'm broke atm I have 2 houses I switch between I'm 16 and have a deep voice for those wondering I have mic X11's at one house (about to break) x12's at the other If someone can pm me I'm usually on between 4pm and 8pm CST Any feedback on here would help pm me with any offers and leave feedback on post Ty

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Sent ya a PM.

Update: I am willing to take any offers from any clan other than the likes of KSI as long as they are good and stable and I'd prefer not to be in a small clan ( just came out of one) but if its a zombies clan that's a different story ill take any offers from those types of clans

If you have gta tbogt i have a clan you can join msg me


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