Looking for a clan to join.....


-Not going to change my GT

-I have a mic 


-Black ops



-Gear of war 1-2 

-Bad company 1-2 



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Check out Revolution of Gaming.  We have brigades for both Black Ops and MW2.  Our site features a Rank Structure to reward those who are active in the clan, Graphics team to make artwork for signatures etc. GT name change is not required.  We have both laid-back and competitive players.  The site has over 3000 members and we currently have 300+ rank structure members.  If interested check out www.rogclan.com.


We focus on gears, halo and the CoD series.

Any comments or questions just message me.

Hey Man

Try Considering


Our Name Is Cosmic Gaming - No Need To Change GT  Ect Please Look At It


Tag N Bag is recruiting new members! Tag N Bag is basically a group of laid back 18+(Mostly 21+) gamers that are just looking to have a good time. When we have a large group playing we are usually pretty much unstoppable. Also as you can tell by the name our group likes to get tags! We get lots and lots of tags! So if it sounds like something you are interested in post up on here or send me a message on Xbox Live and you can come try out to be a part of our clan! We are looking for mature members only. If you are offended by language, well then you are ****ed lol.


Hi Provinggroundz!!!   If you join us you don't have to change your GT.

I am a member of Black List Gaming.   We are a group of dedicated individuals.   We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and provide a sense of "family" towards our community.   We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.   As of now we have 40 members and we want to keep growing.

The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be 16 years old, no cheating, and be mature while they are playing.    If you have any questions message me.    If you register fill out an application and let them know that I referred you.   Thank you.


wow i have so many options here, you guys make it to hard to decide.

imma have to think about this

Lol take ur time because joining a clan is like picking a partner u Gota find the right on.

you can always join zombeezvsaliens we have the best of the best players and we have enough room to fit lots more people the more people we get the more popular we get then the more popular we get the more people we get were hoping to someday get so good get in the FaZe leve lwere the best of the best im the leader u wont have to change your gamertag were making our own youtube channel and everythingu want to be on a famous xboxlive clan try us zombeezvsaliens was once in a league for mw3 and we went undefeated so pick us we have black ops to

I think I have just the clan for you. KSI United. We don't make you change your GT, we a re a mature gaming community with a solid structure since Halo 2. Over 10,000 members in total but you won't meet them all, you will be put into a squad with others with a max of 100 to a squad. Hit me up if you are interested in playing with a fun mature crowd.

I'm looking for a clan that I can join who will treat me like a piece of crap, force me to take weekly tests to see if im good enough, and order me around like the dog I am.


I'm willing to take heaps of abuse no matter how degrading and if you get tired of me you can roll my body up in an old mattress and throw me off the side of a highway overpass.


Thank you for your time.

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