Looking for a clan to join

Hey guys,

I'm a 19 year old, UK based (Although I stay up well into the early hours) casual gamer, looking to step up into the clan side of things.  I have games ranging from CoD : Black Ops II,  GTA V, Halo 4, and many others.  I am an experienced gamer from way back to the N64 and PS1.  Dedicated team-player who can bring  a lot to the table.

I have a headset, Skype etc.  

I will not be changing my GT :)

Look forward to hearing from you  


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I'm the leader of BURN Crew. We have 23 members currently. We rob stores/armored trucks, steal cars & share loot, & do missions cooperatively. Mature, laidback people here, we play for fun.


We have members scattered from California to Virginia so there is always someone on throughout the day and week.

The crew is open so your welcome to join and feel free to add me on XBL if you choose to join.

I too am a long term gamer, started with Super Nintendo and gone through all the variations along the way.

We don't ask anyone to change their GT, armor, load outs, or pants.


We are Midland Base! A casual mature laid back gaming group dedicated to Halo and Destiny.


We have many European members. We have two gamenights a week designed specifically for your time zone.


When you get the chance, you can check us out here.


If you like what you see, you can apply here.



Thanks guys, I'll check you out :)

Hello there you may also want to check us out :) We are a multiplatform clan :) Looking to expand our ranks with more active members right now our current games are Halo :Reach , Defiance, SWTOR,  Halo4,etc. For more info please either msg me or visit the website at darkorderofthesith.sithportal.com check out our facebook at www.facebook.com/DarkOrderoftheSith also here's a youtube videos to give you some insight  http://youtu.be/rWKhl7P5tW4  ,http://youtu.be/treoXW5AQBo, http://youtu.be/Nq9VqDhx3qI

hello are you currently looking for a xbox team that plays bf3,cod then you found the right place. come check us out at www.tbhclan.com


devils baja

recuritment officer

thanks guys :)


I am one of the founders of Clan n00b (is is a new clan), we are a less skilled clan, but have not limit on skill, be you good or bad. We are not a kid clan, so don't let the n00b, make you think other wise, we are all adults, I am 37yrs old myself.

We play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and will be playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on release.

So come back and check us out at http://www.clan-n00b.com

PS. We are aware of the spell mistake in the header, it is in the process of being fixed, by the person that created it