Looking for a clan to join in Grand theft auto 5

I am looking for a clan that is not just a group of people but partners that will back me up.

Im new to the game, but I got some skill. im also looking for a respectful clan, not some kids who thinks its funny to kill there own friends and blow up there cars.

I don't really care how many people are in the clan that I join, there can be 2 people for all I care, but as long as there there for me when I need them, and they are mature, that's all that matters to me


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Ya bro maybe join my party so we can talk easier

How mature Z4Zon3?

We have a strictly over 30 Clan at http://www.endofdayzclan.com/

We range all over Los Santos and do all of the activities as well as just rampaging in Free Roam and we definitely have each others back. No one kills a Crew member without getting payback.

Check us out.

Sweet, I finally have options to choose from a club. I like the sound of both of these clans but I don't really care to join through an actual website, so ill check out scrubbys clan first

Hey man I know what you mean. But we prevent that from happening to others. I'm the owner of a FIB clan. We protect Los santos from people than destroy and grief. We love to just mess around a little bit and stuff but when it comes to being real and mature we are there. If your interested msg me ScrubbyNickel7. It's not hard to join, you'll need a car ( blacked out). And a gun. And the ability to listen a little.