looking for a clan thay plays multipe FPS games

whats up looking for a fps clan. i play call of duty black ops brink and soon bad company 2 hit me up. im normaly a team death match player except for brink. and on BFBC2 i like rush and squad deathmatch.


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Check out Revolution of Gaming.  We have brigades for Black Ops, Halo Reach, and MW2.  Go to ROGclan.com and check us out

how many members do you guys have and what modes on cod do you guys play?

Hey check u out callmegamer.com

Any comments or questions just register for the site or message me and well get back asap.

We have 300+ brigade members. And we play many different game types in black ops.

I am a member of Black List Gaming. We are a group of dedicated individuals. We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and a provide a sense of “family” towards our community. We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.

We are a smaller clan of around 40 but still growing.   As of right now we mostly play Crysis 2 and Black Ops modes CTF, DOM, S/D, and TDM.

The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be16 years old and be mature while they are playing.     If you have any questions message me.    If you register and fill out an application let them know that I referred you.  Thank you.


Check out Heavenz Rejects International. We are a multi-platform gaming community. We are in process of starting up a Black Ops Company on the Xbox 360 and Battlefield Play4Free on the PC. We plan to expand into Halo Reach asap. We just started a couple weeks ago but have spent the entire time creating our website and getting everything set up, we just need members now. You must be at least 15 years old and mature. We are mainly a casual community but have plans on becoming a slightly competitive community as well. My co leader and I have plenty of online leadership experiences from participating as members of several other communities and have decided to start up our own..

Check us out at HeavenzRejectsInternational.com, register and fill out the application or message/invite me on "Yadoo95008"

Id say check out Gamebattles, very good site for most games and people are always looking for games and team members.