Looking for a clan (or to create a clan)

Hey I am looking for a clan! Also, if I can't find a clan that suits me then I am interested in joining a game.

The game I play the most seriously and often is Black Ops. All other games I play on the casual level.

I am looking to have fun and play with a group of people to have fun and to use team work. I can compete but I can not do that often because of classes and a job.

More infor about me:

Gamertag: Boosh Bag9

Location: USA East Coast

Quirks: I own a web hosting account so I am able to host websites. I am a DJ so I can do music stuff.

Play Style: I lean on the more casual style. As I said I am more looking for a group of people to play with 9I am tired of playing with random people who don't use teamwork or the mic). At times i do like to play competitively, but due to my schedule it's hard to do that.

Future Outlook: I am looking to play MW3 and/or Battlefield 3 (or whatever the new battlefield is)


You can contact me via XBL message or posting here


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Come check us out. We are just building our 360 side so we have few members for it. However our PS3 side is strong. We are building our 360 side to be equally if not stronger.

@ BoOsh Bag9 feel free to stop by and check us out at gamingwhileintoxicated.net

hey BoOsh Bag9 if your looking for a laid back clan and just looking to play for fun come check us out at www.ratpackgaming.com

We don't care about KDR or win/loss ratio we just play for fun

The 8BIT clan doesn't care about KDR, or win/loss ratio.

If you play Black Ops, MW2, or plan on buying MW3, check my post.