Looking for a Clan for Battlefield, AW or Tanks? OSG IS LOOKING FOR YOU!



We are a brand new clan looking for fresh ideas to bring to the table of gaming. We need soldiers for Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and WORLD OF TANKS.  WORLD OF TANKS WAS RECENTLY BROUGHT BACK DUE TO RECENT DEMAND FROM OSG MEMBERS! We are a small clan looking to expand our members with "QUALITY" players over the "QUANTITY"  of players. We have found this is the key to succes.

We are a gaming community looking to expand our membership. We focus on realistic gameplay and competitive game play on Advanced Warfare and the Battlefield platform. Members will find a great deal of different players ranging from the European Union all the way over to Austrialia in OSG!


We do have some stringent necessary conditions for candidates to meet. These rules are in place to ensure the quality of our community:

  1. Must have a MIC 
  2. Must communicate during game play (calling out deaths, enemy movements, etc.).
  3. Must follow rank structure. 
  4. No Sexual Harassment within the clan
  5. No Disrespect towards clan members
  6. No mods, cheating, or hacking of any kind
  7. Must always wear OSG Clan tag, motto, and (Lt's and above put the website in the location).

           *If a potential recruit does not want to wear clan info they cannot be a part of clan.

  8. No outside/personal conversation during game play (save it for lobby)
  9. Must attend at least one meeting per month. If you cannot attend a meeting you must notify someone.
  10. If you leave the clan, you get one chance at coming back, and you will be asked to fill out a form.
  11. No playing against each other, if you're asked to back out, do so. 
  12. You cannot be part of another clan. Refer to Policy 1.0

We are OSG, Outlawed Syndicate Gaming, we weren't always known as this though, this is a recent name change of April 2015, we've been around since November 2013, but decided for a clean sweep throughout. The basis is the same, and of course some of our loyal members stuck with us throughout everything.

The founders are still the same. OSG PIT VIP3R, OSG DreamKi11er, and lighthammer.

OSG is known for it's military background, most people in our clan are or have been in the military. We accept anyone over the age of 15, with exceptions made for special circumstances. But to get into OSG under the age of 18, you must go through a "trial" period, this is to make sure that you're what we are looking for in clan members. We're a team, we are dedicated to playing with each other, and we make sure it works. We enjoy Clan Wars, we like to win (who doesn't?) but it's more about the fun, the thrill of seeing us win Clan wars, seeing us work as a team, if we lose, the other team just worked better. We know our strengths and weaknesses, and we make them work for us. We like to get to know each other, so we're not a huge clan, because we're more than just a clan, we're friends, we look out for each other, and even help each other off the Xbox 360 & PS4.

Most of us have jobs, families, and a life outside of the Clan, so if you're reading this thinking "Wow, this clan doesn't work for me, I have a job, commitments" think again, you can be a rank where you don't have any responsibilies, you just follow the rules, and have fun. In this Clan, life comes first, and we even welcome women into our clan too. We have a few.

So if you're reading this, get in contact with us, and we will point you to the right place, where you can join us. Right now as of AUGUST 2015, we are on Advanced Warfare - Xbox 360 & PS4, and Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360 and Battlefield 4- Xbox 360, WORLD OF TANKS Xbox-360.

We are a small clan-community. We take pride knowing that all our members do NOT exploit game hacks or glitches. (No Goliath Glitching-Auto Clan Ban!) WE treat members like family members. We have continuous contact with all members. We also have a voting system. Before clan leaders make a decision, we must have a majority vote before implementing them.

We recently opened our clan to the Battlefield Saga. We will be building our community on BF4.  We need your help! We are calling all Battlefield Players who want a great group of people to play with. We have members from the United States, Canada and Australia, all nations are welcome to join. 

If you are reading this then you have gotten to the end of this post. If you are interested please send LGN BlazinKushin a message via XboxLive! or through the forums. I will respond as quickly as possible. I am on consistently.

THE CLAN OFFICIAL WEBSITE IS: www.outsyngaming.enjin.com





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