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Hi all!  I'm looking for a casual group of gamers who play a wide variety of games.  I think the most important part of gaming is having fun and while I do enjoy winning, my main goal is to just find a group willing to play together.  Some games I like to play include Halo 4, Halo 3, Diablo 3, COD, and even Guardians of Middle Earth and some other arcade games.  Anyways if you want to get together and play some games, reply here or send me a message. 



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If you want to join a casual clan who like to have fun you should join Skeleton Crew. We are a casual and competitive clan that plays all the main fps(first person shooter) franchises. Me and my friend just made this clan and are actively recruiting so we can have more people to play with. If this sounds like a good clan to you message me back or reply here.

The Outlaw Army is a social gaming community. With gamers on all major consoles and PC playing the popular games that most of everyone plays regularly, you are sure to find people to get in game with any time you have the itch to play.

Our website offers the opportunity to use forums to connect with other members and talk about gaming and other topics important to you. We offer a Ventrilo server for everyone's use so you can voice chat with people while playing a game or just wanting to relax and talk with people who are like minded and have the same interests. Our community is more relaxed than most and we pride ourselves on the fact that having fun is at the top of our priorities list. We want our members interacting with each other as much as possible, and we do all we can to provide ample opportunities to do so.

The Outlaw Army doesn't restrict you. We are absolutely fine with you being a member in another community and still participating on TOA's website. We feel our product is top notch and most people choose to exclusively participate with TOA, but it isn't required. TOA does not discriminate against race, gender, beliefs, etc. We are a brotherhood and we invite all walks of life who enjoy the social gaming atmosphere.

If you are looking for a community of people to play games with without the hassle of randoms in game, or if you are looking for a social community to interact with other like-minded individuals who enjoy a good time while playing games and relaxing, The Outlaw Army is a place you want to be a part of.