Looking for a Black ops clan to join

im looking forword to joining some people


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Why not join RGC..

Come check us out ^_^

We are more than a clan…we are a gaming community.

We are looking for members that will be active on XBL & the RGC Forums.

All skill levels

All play styles

Our forums are based on a military structure, you advance as YOU make it happen,

We have about 1,000 members active weekly.

We sent teams to MLG Columbus & Dallas.

We have podcast, machinima, design team, tournaments, and GB teams.

We are always looking for talented people to join our teams there too.

Go to RGCLIVE.com

Click on FORUM and Register

Make sure to put >>>RGC Minxy<<< as referrer

And join the >>>Salvation<<< Battalion

"Please don't post in the how to join section because your already accepted"

Once there Message Me.. ^_^ RGC Minxy ..

See you ONline ^_^


We been gaming for 7 years. We have 20+ members and never will be a 1,000+ clan. We believe a small clan is easier to get to know everyone and everyone will know rather then getting into a lobby and wondering 'who is this?' In KO you will never feel like just a number, to us you are more then that. We welcome competitive and casual gamers. We have a ten day trial period where you can get to know the clan. We do not go by K/D or skill during the trial, we look for maturity and mic usage. Also it gives you a feel of what KO has to offer.

For the competitive gamers we offer strats, call outs, and how to stay alive in game. We are willing to help members become better at the game they love. We also have teams, if you dont like how a team is ran we welcome you to make your own competitive team. Need help finding competition? We help your team find matches and tournaments.

For the casual gamer we offer KO Nights where the clan parties all night together on one game. We have achievements that you can earn in the clan as well as events and prizes. We have member of the month and if your an artist you can help out making sigs, banners, or anything you would like for a member or for the clan. Does it have to be clan related? No you can make it whatever you wish it to be! Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Can a competitive gamer join in events? Yes, all are welcome to join in the fun and show off your skills.

If interested visit our site:


Now recruiting for BF3 (XBox and PC) and COD:BO which will switch to MW3!!!

Come check us out!!!      The Lost Faction Recruitment Post

Lethal Defensive Justified Entertainment

A casual mature XBOX clan for FPS games. Members are 25 and older with special consideration given to members under the age of 25 if they have a mature attitude. LDJE is meant as a fun and casual place for adult gamers to come together.



What kind of clan are u looking for? I run AoV Message me on xbox anytime with questions cause im barely on the forums.

do u know any people who r looking for a black ops clan because we are and our clan is WAR X clan and we are looking for people to join

website is www.warxgaming98.guildpower.com

I'm a Co-Founder/Operation Leader for ICEE. www.iceeclanmw2.webs.com We currently are recruiting players 17+yrs of age. Check out my Bio for more information.

can i join the clan

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.