Looking for a Black Ops (and others) clan (EU)

Hi there everyone, names FieryNuke

For the last couple of days I've been looking out for a clan, but just can't find anything interesting. I'm a casual gamer with medium skill (still practicing, only had the xbox for a few months now). I used to be a serious gamer on PC until I bought the Xbox.

As he title says I'm looking for a COD: Black Ops clan that would possibly play MW3 and BF3 when they come out.

I usually play everyday in the evenings between 20:00 and 1:00am GMT and often during the day, but that varies. And I am really looking for a European based clan.


Thanks for your time reading this and hope to see some replies either here or through xbox (FieryNuke)


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hello mate, My clan are new but have 9 or 10 players with possibly maby 3 or 4 hoping to set up a Black Ops competitive team and BO Division. We will of course be playing MW3 and maby BF3.

I'm the leader and I'm Irish and my co's are all English and have one or two americans but they are nice People.


Hi Triickz,

Could you tell me if you have a website or forum and if you do tryouts. Also please tell me if you require members to change their names to include clan tag.



Oh and also something I forgot to mention in my original post that may be quite important.

I'm 20 and I live in Ireland, although I'm Polish. My English is fluent and I have all the BO map packs

After 2 scrim matches and had trouble getting a team, OGC have decided to open recruitment again.

This year we are running 4 leagues: Hardcore SND, Half-Life SND, Core 4v4 and Hardcore 4v4.

We are a bunch of mature guys who tend to be active on XBL and have a laugh but we are competitive.

Our rosters have been shaken over the last few days and looking to add guys to the rosters and have more people active on XBL.

All we ask is the following:

- Aged 16 or over ( Exceptions made)

- Active on XBL and active 3-4 times a week on the clan website

- Not trialing for anyone else or have another Gamertag

- Respectful to other gamers in publics and clan matches

- No rage quitting if you cant get a kill

- No equipment which make you win or gain kills EG. Lag switch

If your interested, post below or message OGC Buzzy on XBL or pop over to the clan site which is www.theogc.tk

Thanks, Ox C4MP3Rz xO (HCSND Captain)

P.S if your interested, you will have to join www.thewgl.co.uk aswell has the OGC clan site.

A require name change is needed but you have a time limit of 2 weeks to change it.

Are website is under construction at this very moment, There is no tryouts at the time becaue we are a new clan so the first 15 or 16 jsut get in. We already have four members in are Black Ops Divisions. If you wan't to speak to me about anything else just send me a message any time and I'll get back to you.

Hey FieryNuke I'm a member of  the WK4P (We Kill For Pleasue) clan. I'm the General of the Black Ops unit. We're a new clan not quite off the ground yet. There are no age restrictions and our leader (17yrs) is currently grounded haha. I will definately be playing COD MW3, I also play Homfront and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Let me know if your interested.

Hey FieryNuke! I think the Razor Clan might have what you're looking for. The Razor clan has weekly meetings, weekly trainings, monthly tournaments, and more! Within hours of it's being made, there are already 7 members! Our most popular played games are Call of Duty games (most popular: Black Ops and COD Modern Warfare), Assasins Creed Games, and Halo Games. We accept everybody into our clan and are always friendly and kind. Contact the leader and creator of the clan, WolfKing9677 or let me know by comment or PM if you are interested!

For more info, visit http://razorclan.weebly.com/! A fast look would be great.

Thanks and good luck! Hope we helped and you consider us!

mate visit thewgl.co.uk plenty of clans recruiting for the new season there.

or like Camperz has said check out OGC top bunch of lads and about to take part in the WGL season.

Thanks for all the replies, but I have found a clan already.