Looking For A Black Op 2 Clan To Join

Hey,I am 16(if that matters), I was currently was a leader of a can called FoG. I had left for a few months and came back to no clan and barley anyone to play cod with. 

I am looking for a small clan to join.  Probably one that has a youtube channel. Also one that try's to keep the drama of clans out and plays for the fun of the game. My K.D on Bo2 is currently .81 and If a gamertag change is needed I could do that next week.  

I am also good at quick scoping and have a few montages around on my youtube.  So a clan that is more for quickscoping would be nice too.


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It may not be small but there is Brigades (squads) Dedicated just for BO2 & is not required to Change your GT its call Revolution of Gaming (RoG) its an amazing clan with alot to offer if you want to stick to just your brigade to keep things simple thats 100% fine im in a halo 4 brigade & theres less than 50 members in it but over 5000+ members on the website. Theres a Rank Structure, Game nights, Forums & more. My friends list went from 60 to 90 in 2 days & always have somebody to play halo with everyday you can easily get a party of 8 to play BO2 with. Best Clan i ever been in & trust me i been in plenty of clans usuall ended leaving within a week but this clan i just amazing check out let me know what you think & if you decide to join make sure to let them know i sent you www.revolutionofgaming.com/.../forum.php

If you are still looking to join a clan, Iconik Gaming is now recruiting. IG has over 5000+ active members.  We may not be a small clan, but we are broken down into smaller 40-50 member platoons. We have competitive teams if that is something your interested in. And you DO NOT have to change your gamertag if you do not wish. If this sounds interesting to you send me a reply on here or send me a message over xbox.

OaG is taking casual or competitive gamers for most whatever you want to play. No "tryouts" unless you want to be on a GB team (you can still join and try out for GB later). HMU.      MOH, Halo's, BF3, Black Ops2, GOW2&3, GH, RB, Happy Wars(don't knock it till you try it, fun as hell) RE6, and many others. Tag change required.

Im just now starting up a new clan, looking for a captin to help me out that has some expirence, i only need about 3 more recruits then we will start running strats/Clan battles. were on sbgaming.com very friendly non bashing environment. hit me up on live if interested man, id love to have you on the team.

Yeah man no problem you can join me and my nephews clan DTR (Dead To Rights) my gamer tag is fourhorsemen14 get with me if your interested