Looking for 21+ gamers for Xbox One and 360

Hi im looking for new friends to play Xbox with preferably around my age no offense but I don't want to play with squeakers hit me up a friend invite I usually play at night thanks!


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I`m happy to play a game here and there with you but i`m not really in-to the Call Of Duty Or Battlefield Series. I`m m ore into the Halo Series and Resident Evil Series. ^_^

Hit me up when you feel like you want to have a game or two.

I'm up for a few games too :) feel free to send me over an FR

Yep happy too play and chat send fr if u want

You can add me too if you like :)

Really, its nice to see so many awesome people in this section! :)

thank you all for the replies hopefully I get to play with you guys soon :)