Looking for 2 participants

I'm looking to join an achievement challenge Click Here i need 2 participants willing to actually challenge for a top 20 finish as there are some achievement masters in this challenge for example Mr stallion the one million dolla man himself taking up the task, if you're interested drop me a post and i will see if you have the requirements to suit my needs.


You don't need to be an achievement *** but someone who actually gets a fair amount of G a week will do, none of my friends have the requirements as they are mostly casuals who maily play COD BF or FIFA.




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I'm interested in this some good prizes aswell

I'm sorta interested in this

Ok DarkHalf you're in we need another i'm sure someone will pop up

no other takers yet?

Looks like a cool idea. It's to bad that you have to have 30,000 gamerscore to participate ahh oh well. Good luck to you guys  that will be in it.

Good on you Alchemist, nice to see a non-random thread :D


Nah, but in all seriousness, good luck dude.

I have a few people on stand by just looking to see if any better equipped participants want to take up the challenge first.


Thanks chain