Looking for 18+ minecraft players

Hello Xbox community,


I am looking for some people to play minecraft with.  I have 2 of the most popular games in minecraft that I have built.  THE HUNGER GAMES and SPLEEF.   If you are unfamiliar with either one of them you should check them out

 on youtube.  The reason I ask for 18+ is because I have hosted a few games with just anyone and the amount of just sheree noise in my ear was unbearable.  So its nothing against kids but i like my ear drums.  Although if you are under 18 and you feel that you dont have to yell everytime you speak, you should message me.  Oh and if anyone has a map they want some one to play on in game.  survival, hunger games.  It doesnt matter.  Just looking for cool people to play with.






(Our preception on reality is BROK3N)


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We have a bunch! check us out... www.theadultgamer.com

I'd love to play with you sometime. I've never played either of those games but they look really fun :p

Hey I'm thinking about getting Minecraft!  I'd love to play with you!

im 19 and im chill trust me i cant stand the younger generation of gamers that find it necessary too brag about every little thing they do and yell out random nonsense.. anyway yea im interested in playing that map of yours send me a message thanks