Lookin for some BF3 mature friends!

Hey ya'll, just started getting back into playing BF3 after playing MW3 for a couple weeks. Got tired of playing MW3 with all the bs and what not, so I ditched MW3 and went back to playing BF3. I don't think I will be playing MW3 again anytime soon. Anyways, looking for some cool, mature and down to earth people/friends to play some BF3 with. All my friends are playing and into MW3, which leaves me playing BF3 all by myself, which of course sucks and is no fun at all! So I'm looking for some people/friends to play and hang with. I mainly like to play Conquest the majority of the time with Rush every once in a while or so. If interested, send me a Friend Request @ El Loc0



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I to am looking for people to play with loco

do u got the new maps? If u do  hit me up

How do I know you won't leave me for another game!?

No I don't have the new maps yet....I will be getting them when I get paid again next week. And are ya'll gonna send me a FR or should I send them? lol

Add me I guess.

you could join in on the g00f server its hardcore mix gameplay  majority are older than 25. and we are always in team chat

If mature mean's getting drunk as a skunk and screaming Banzai!!! While mindlessly charging the objective... I'm down.  If mature means discussing politics and astro physics... I'm out.

If there's a median In there somewhere.... Maybe