lookin for clan

been playin black ops for awhile..never joined a clan. would like to. Im 20 years old so youll have no problem with high pitch voices lol. i prefer to play domination or search. if youd like to invite me to your clan send a request and inv me to a game


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k.d is 1.45

Why not head over to www.fifthwallgaming.co.uk and introduce yourself.

We are a over 18's clan who's main emphasis is on having fun, but we do compete in two different modes on the WGL if your interested.


Come check out falloutgaming.enjin.com we are looking to add to all our teams especially Black:ops so you'd be a welcomed addition to the clan.

You can come check out Team Forerunner at www.team-forerunner.spruz.com. We are a Halo only clan by the way.

why not come over to rogclan.com we are a black ops clan we consit of many divisions and are currently recruiting i think you eill like this clan. if your interested in joinin send me a private message at the site and i will help you get set up.

Come check out www.brotherhoodofvalor.com. We are recruiting for Black Ops and Battlefield. Say poacher sent you! We have game nights saturdays at 9pm GMT so if you like the look of our clan and would like to have some games before joining the send me a request on live:)


We have a clan, it's called L3thal Dosage, we are a mid-size clan right now with multiple squads with 2 divisions, a MLG division and a regular division. Add me to talk please.

We're solely focused on Black Ops and looking forward to MW3.  Visit our site, get in some games w/our members, and decide for yourself based on actual gameplay experience you have w/us.  We're at http://eliteforcez.enjin.com.  I believe most, if not all our members are over 1.5 k/d....which is unimportant really as k/d doesnt tell the whole story of a player....so if you're under that dont sweat it and give us a look.    Or send me a FR and I'll get you into something live w/our people asap.  GT is Grim Gambit.

Hi mate if u are looking for a clan with experience, longevity, solid teams and heavily involved in league gaming and all that comes with being in a clan, then come over and have a look at Versatile Vision.

We're a uk based clan and currently complete in a 4v4, 6v6, SnD leagues & FIFA leagues too. Most members have many years of clan gaming experience which u can learn and develop from.

Please feel free to pop over to our site @ http://vvi.enjin.com/ and say hello and maybe join in a few games.