looked good until.....

Ok so, I was just reading about this new combat evolved remake and watched a short clip of the multiplayer, now correct me if I'm wrong but if this is all a seperate multiplayer from Reach...why on earth are there jetpacks and other abilities :/ Whilst watching the short video it got me excited to see one of my favourite maps from Halo 2 which is I think called 'evacuation' something similar to that...(been a long time) but then as I saw some gameplay and a bit of action I noticed the DMR which is no problem to me but I do prefer the BR and like I said the abilities.

I know this sounds like I am ranting about how bad Halo is but, in my honest opinion and my friends and all my old clan mates agree that ever since Halo Reach, it's lost its appeal. Reach had ruined the whole Halo experience for me and maybe it didn't for some of you guys reading this but to me and my clan mates and friends ever since Halo 2, it's always been about the BR and simple movement throughout the map to gain a tactical advantage. I mean no wonder MLG has lost it's spotlight. All I'm trying to get at is that if it's a remake why are they not fully 'remaking' it? ( I am still going to get this game, but for the most part will be for the single player. I will dabble on the MP but if it is anything like Reach then Halo is dead to me lol)

also one last thing, I am most probably ranting about useless info here because I don't even know if the MP will be seperate or be an add-on to Reach


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not evacuation...Headlong, I just had to make sure after I typed this lol

It is Halo: Reach multiplayer.  All the maps have been designed on the Halo Reach engine, its just like a DLC pack.  It is essentially just  a separate disk with, I assume all the current Reach maps and the new ones, sort of how ODST worked.

its a Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, not Halo 2 anniversary, so IF they were remaking the multiplayer, it would not contain a BR or DMR.

But that doesn't matter. Its Reach MP

It's not a separate disc, and only includes the new maps. If you have Reach installed to your hard drive you're supposed to be able to access those maps as well, ditto the Reach DLC. And there's supposed to be a way to install the new maps so you can access them from the Reach disc.