Look for people for Legendary Halo Campaigns

I'm looking for someone or some people to play all of the Halo campaigns with on Legendary. Surely this doesnt need to be done all in one sitting but I was hoping someone could join me from the start of Halo 1 and play with me steadily to the end of Halo 4 (or the end of Halo 3 if you want to split up for the Lone Wolf Legend achievement). Mic not required but if you want to talk I am okay with it.


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Add me and I'll do it with you.

Either Add Skaro or me. I'll play if anybody else wants to.

I'm quite ready to take on the Legendary difficulty, never once have I beaten a Halo game on Legendary difficulty, I've always finished them on Normal & Heroic difficulties.

Add me. Been looking to do this for awhile

I've already done it (well, 1-3, did 4 solo on 360), but if someone needs a hand with the campaigns, I'm able to help.