Long Beach: Track installing 98% - 3 days

Stuck at 98% installed for 3 days now.  Any advice folks?

Put my game disc in Saturday afternoon.  It showed installing 35% and counting. 

When it became playable, I started the game and went to free play to try out any Long Beach track variants.  The track selection screen had the download arrow for Long Beach.  I selected it to check status and a pop up said "installing 98%" with only an [A to continue] option.  Then I went to my leagues and tried to select Vintage.  It gave me a pop up saying "not installed [A to continue]". 

Thinking maybe it's a large content update, I left it overnight.  Sunday morning... still "installing 98%" and locked out of every league that the new tracks are supposed to be available.  Decided to troubleshoot:

1. pop disc and quit game from home screen.  Reinsert disc and start game. no go.

2. power cycle console "instant on" and "auto download" checked (disc in).  Start game. no go.

3. power cycle console "instant on" and "auto download" un-checked (disc out; 30 minute wait between).  Recheck  "instant on" and "auto download" and re-cycle. Insert disc and start game. no go.

This add-on is not available separately, so I can't uninstall and reinstall just the track. 

Short of uninstalling/reinstalling the game (haven't done this yet), are there any other options?  I fear, since this is an add-on issue, that I'll get the same problem with the track when I reinstall.


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I'm having exactly the same problem here. Tried every single procedures described on the internet but couldn't get the update.

guess i'll join your club aswell ;) having the same problem, gonna reinstall tonight and see if that works

I've also tried every varient with the same results. I'm on the update beta program and don't know if that is the cause.

Im the guy who posted in the Forza 5 Forums. I created a thread but apperantly they hid it in the Long Beach discussion.

It's ridiculous, I had this problem for a couple of weeks now.

I believe I have that beta program as well like the other person mentioned.

Has anybody found any solutions? Is turn 10 doing anything about it?  

Allright guys  I found the Fix.

Just reinstall the game.

All I did was uninstall the game, I didn't uninstall the add ons/DLC I had tho.

Then just install the game again and the updates install as well (I think it ask u to install over 10gb worth of online updates, click yes).

So yeah it's working for me now.

BTW You don't lose any progress, at least I didn't, make sure your connected to XBL before you uninstall because it saves to the cloud, I believe or maybe it saves on ur hard drive too but just to make sure.

Is this a new track? If not are there any new tracks? I couldn't find any.


Road America and Long Beach are the two tracks that have been released as DLC so far.

^^ Thanks. Some new tracks may get me back into this game.