Lone wolf? Or any adult players?

My interest in this game is piqued.  I wonder if going lone wolf will be a viable option because I'm the only one of my friends eventually getting an Xbox One.  I'd be willing to give it a shot with some people I don't know, but having done that in the past with other games it just isn't the same.


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Food for thought :L  For the time being at least, it is still early days with this game some exciting features which do look intriguing to say the least but those online features do appear quite heavily in the demonstration they gave.  Which could be positive with online players :)  But I agree with your final point nothing is the same with SOME random players, ESPECIALLY a six year old!

I think the most viable option for these games coming out (The Division, Titanfall, Destiny..) is to join a clan. There is a clan section in the forums under community chatter. At least then you could join a group of like minded gamers who aren't likely to be trolls. Unless it's a whole group of trolls, which you'd be able to tell before joining the group.