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Today I learned that my 12 year old son was banned from XBOX Live.  As his parent I am sadden that he would violate the rules in place that Microsoft/XBOX Live has put in place.  Is there anything I can do as his parent to reactivate his account. I know life has many little lessons we must experience.  But as his parent and his sole financial provider to experience XBOX and XBOX Live This little lesson to ban him hits my wallet hard. Can anyone do something to reinstate his ability to play on line and recover his gaming account.  The email that it was under is listed under the gamer tag "[mod removed]".  Thank you.


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Once an account and/or console is permanently banned from XBL it is well PERMANENT.


Your son should take this as a lesson learned that he should follow the contracts he agrees to. (That would have been done when he created his XBL account) If he is not old enough to understand those contracts (as the youngest age for XBL is 13) then it falls to his parent/guardian to explain them to him so he does know. (It tells everyone that in the XBL Terms of Service).


For more information on his ban please visit the MY LIVE ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED forum for an OFFICIAL response. However, I doubt it will differ very much from what was stated above.


Please post in the Account Suspension Forum located here:


And Temhotabot is right the contracts are explained to you and if he doesn't understand explain it to him.  Any subscriptions, arcade games, etc. bought on an account are forfeit upon a ban.

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Please follow the link that SOLOKILLER8896 has provided so a member of the Policy Enforcement Team can address your concerns.

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