[LOCKED] - Will never buy another Turn 10 product again!!

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Here's something to consider... I was banned for 2 weeks (auction, sf, gifting) for having a ww2 german insignia (the modified iron cross - NOT a swaztika!) on my storefront. It went under review in less than 5 minutes after I put it up. I searched the sf's for the words "german" and "luftwaffe" and found almost 100 sf's that have that SAME insignia in a group or as part of a design!... and some have been up since 2009!!!!!!

I sent an e-mail to t-10 the day I was banned asking why just me... it's been 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for a reply! I and my wife have reported more than once EVERY sf that carried that insignia... NONE have been removed... NO ONE ELSE has been banned.

I called x-box tech support, since they can communicate with t-10 better than I. The tech even agreed that the ban was unfair if it was just me and that they would forward the message to t-10... still waiting...

NO ONE in this forum can convince me that t-10 is judging these cases with any amount of common sense or fairness. Had t-10 sent me a message asking me to remove the insignia, I would have. Then I would have asked about the other 100 sf's still carrying the insignia. If this insignia is sooo offensive, why single out 1 storefront and leave all the rest??


It's been almost two months and I have yet to hear from anyone concerning this matter... I am now a hugh fan of Need For Speed Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed!!!

I will NEVER buy another t-10 game for as long as I live!


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As you have found out, this is an issue that only Turn10 can handle. There is nothing anyone here can do to help with this issue, including Xbox Support..