[LOCKED] Where's ODST Fourm?

Ok so that's gone...but I guess here's as good as anywhere...so I'm looking to do 2 levels on Legendary, Endure, and Deja'Vu...any takers?  Just be from the US please for the connections sake.  Thank you all in advance, and feel free to hit me up if you still need help!


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oh man if someone could contact the allmighty Lotus she was all over every vidmaster achievement needed done on HALO 3 ODST, she helped thousands if not millions of people to get recon armor on halo 3

Shes not answering my messages for some reason :_(

I keep trying though...

do you have the correct gamertag of lady Lotus? cause you know forum rules, I cant put her tag here but I bet she could really help you with the vidmaster achievements hope she hasnt changed at all

Yeah I do...she helped me get annual, and use to ask me if I wanted to do Endure, but I wasn't able to do it back then cause of the time commitment needed...but I'm on her list so I see when shes on but idk I guess shes busy

The Halo 3 Forum will double as the Halo 3: ODST Forum for now.

Post there for this, please. Thanks.