LOCKED - ways to ban modders/hackers

i wonder if it would be possible to take a photo of your tv screen with the modders name on the screen and email it to microsoft, or if some modder kills you and do this while the replay is on..if it shows him out of the map etc, i was playing cod4 last night and i messaged about 6 players who were scrolling text across the screen and i told them i had taken a photo and will be sending it off to microsoft and to expect a perma-ban and they replied begging me not to do it saying it wasnt their account it was their father's etc etc, it was actually quite funny, or maybe IW could come up with something like theatre mode like they do in black ops and have a report only forum so you can send it to whoever..i was in the game and there was about 4 people scrolling text and talking like it is now all part of the game, i came across a deranker and i asked him why does he like to ruin it for eveyone and he replied..because it makes my d*ck hard,just shows how brain dead these stupid modders are, i know its not as bad as mw2 but sooner or later they will get around the patches etc..and as soon as mw3 comes out..IW will forget about mw2 and it will end up like cod4 and waw..yes we all know how IW cares about their community..cough cough..any suggetions on this people as its becoming a big problem for gamers now.


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and i know they have a file complaint button but that just gets abused too much,the above would be concrete proof of modding/hacking

just thought i'd let you know that IW stopped caring about mw2 the day it came out.

trap them in a bear trap.

well at least we now know not to waste money on this crap..afterall its just a video game..most ill do is rent it..if that..more fun on the original goldeneye on pc and n64

A way to ban modders/hackers: forums.xbox.com/.../28.aspx